Checklist (FAQ)


Indicated time is depending on air traffic control and the traffic in the air at that time. Times include taxi from and to the runway.


We can fly in bad weather, but it is more comfortable in fine weather.
When there is air turbulence, bumpy flights can occur. Technically, a bumpy flight is no problem, however it may sometimes occur unexpectedly.
You get used to it quickly as you experience it similar to a deep pit in a motorway.
If the pilot’s weather forecast indicates bad weather that day, we will contact you to set a new date.

For aerobatics, the cloud base should be high to perform the manouvres at a save altitude. This is mentions in the weather forcast only 24 hours ahead.


It is advisable not to fly on an empty stomach, especially when you want to enjoy acrobatic flight.
Although it is rather exceptional to become air sick in an open biplane, it is best to have a light meal before take-off. But no coffee and no coke.
Most airfields have cafeteria or a bistro with airside view terrace where you can eat and drink on own expense.
If you want, want can organise a BBQ for you company.


A sportive outfit that you would wear for a relaxing bicycle ride, including additional layer of garment, is advisable. Every 300 meters we rise, the outside air temperatures drop with 2 degrees, and you will experience more wind than during a bicycle ride.

We perform acrobatic flight in higher airspace, usually up to 1'000 meters above ground level. You will experience a lower outside temperature; difference of approximately 6 degrees lower than the ground temperature. During the acrobatic figures, your blood will start flowing more rapidly and you will warm up again.

You are seated in front of the pilot. Since a hood can hinder the pilot’s view, sweaters and coats with hoods are not preferable. 
Same goes for loose scarfs!!
High heels can damage the airplane’s canvas wings. Also walking on grass is not very convenient with high heels.


You may bring your own (sun)glasses. You can also use the leather pilot bonnet with headset and microphone and place the pilot glasses over your own glasses. The pilot glasses can also simply be left on the bonnet forehead.


Acrobatic flight or acro is definitely the real art of flying.
Almost every route on our website is easily extendable with acrobatic flight, depending on the airspace location and air traffic control. At least a minimum of 10 to 15 minutes of extra flight time must be taken into account and will be added to the route pricing, if not yet included already.


Fans and supporting enthusiasts that come along to the airport can also book a flight following all the scheduled flights. Flights should be finished before the closing time of the airfield. Hoevenen airfield closes at 8PM or at sunset if sunset is before 8PM. At the International Airport of Antwerp, final landing must take place before sunset.

We appreciate if you can confirm if additional people want to make a flight with us. As from 5 passengers, special group discount is offered. 


We offer the posibility to follow the flight LIVE on the internet (or an app on your iPhone), including position, direction and speed. This way, your fans and supporting enthusiasts can follow your unique experience. We can even go one step further, when one of your fans is sharing there position to the pilot's app, the car with your fans and the airplane can join at a meting point, where we can perform the aerobatic manoeuvers. 


You are welcome to take pictures yourself, also during flight. However, continuously peeping through your camera will influence the beautiful and unique experience!
Upon your request, a HD film camera is placed on the wing. We can provide you with pictures and a film!
After the flight, we forward a link via email to the pictures and/or HD film or we simply give you the SD-memory card. If you bring along your iPad, for directl download. All adapters are available with us; you only need to make sure that your iPad has enough memory available!


You must seek medical approval prior to flying in case you are experiencing medical problems.
If you are pregnant, you must postpone acrobatics to a later date or second flight!


We have a high standard insurance policy!  Feel The Sky complies with all insurance requirements, even more, both to third party and to passengers.

Civil liability non-flying third party = € 2’000’000

Civil liability passenger = € 600'00 (legail minimum is € 325’000)


Leave your fear at home! Or you won't get to the airport by car. The most dangerous thing that you will do on the day we will fly, is driving your car to and from the airport.

  • You cannot experience fear of heights in an airplane, and we do know!
    Moreover, it is proven scientifically that fear of heights cannot be experienced when there is no physical connection to the ground. A basic instinct warns you for dangerous heights, which your subconscious will translate in measuring the distance by sight between the ground via the object that physically connects you to the ground (ladder, wall, rope). As soon as this contact (object) is gone, the subconscious ‘measurement system’ stops working, even when you think consciously of fear of heights.
  • Fear of flying is often confused with claustrophobia. The idea of being trapped in an airliner frightens many people. An open cockpit biplane offers you great open view and at the same time close contact to your immediate surroundings. Already many passengers have enjoyed our unique flight experience with our Stampe, although they felt not at ease in an airliner.
    We are very grateful for the confidence provided in us.


After the flight, every passenger receives a personalized and signed certificate.